1. A small Caribbean island relies heavily on tourist income.  There is a need to develop a study so that an

estimate can be provided each month as to:

The number of tourists

The length of stay

Their activities

Their attitudes toward some programs and activities.

The plan is to conduct short interviews with respondents and to leave with them a short questionnaire to be completed and mailed after returning home. 

Several sampling plans are being considered.  One is to generate a random sample of hotel rooms and to interview each occupant.  Another involves sampling every nth person that passes a predetermined point in the city.  Still another is to sample departing planes and ships.  About six planes and three ships depart each day.  Design a sampling plan so that each month 500 tourists are obtained in the sample. Identify sources of sampling frame error for each one.


The manager of the appliance dept. of a local full-line department store chain is planning a major nonprice promotion of food processors, supported by heavy advertising in the two local newspapers.  The manager asks you to recommend a method of sampling customers in the department store.  The purpose is to assess the extent to which customers were drawn by the special advertisement and the extent to which the advertisement influenced their intentions to buy.  A pretest of the questionnaire indicates that it will take about 3 minutes to administer.  The manager is especially interested in learning whether there are significant differences in the response to the questionnaire among (a) males versus females, (b) gift buyers versus other buyers, and (c) age groups.

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