1.) When may a physician report codes 98966-98968?

A.) This service is not provided by a physician.

B.) If the service is part of postoperative care

2.) A physician administers an echocardiography to a patient during rest, and a cardiovascular stress test is provided by the same physician in the hospital. Which code(s) should be assigned?

A.) 93351-26

B.) 93351

3.) A patient who experienced a catastrophic personal event met with her psychiatrist for 45 minutes for the purpose of evaluating her potential to return to work. Which code should be assigned?

A.) 90839

B.) 90845

4.) Moderate sedation was provided by the surgeon during a diagnostic esophagogastroduodenoscopy (code 43235). How will these services be reported?

A.) Report only code 43235 because you cannot do the procedure with moderate sedation

B.) Report only code 43235 because moderate sedation is included in code 43235

5.) A patient comes for a postoperative visit during the global period, which included an expanded problem-focused examination, a problem-focused history, and straightforward medical decision making (MDM). Which code(s) should be assigned?

A.) 99213

B.) 99024

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