#10A: You are an executive for a health organization. As part of your role within the healthcare leadership team, you are tasked with analyzing organizational data for decision-making purposes. For this assignment, you will analyze raw data, and make recommendations for organizational decisions.

Generate analytical outputs that include the appropriate selection of both descriptive and inferential statistics and include at least three appropriate data visualizations that reflect the statistical analyses.

Analyze the statistical data for decision-making by organizing various presentations of data visualizations—highlighting multiple perspectives on the same topic.

Interpret results. Compose a discussion in which you evaluate the findings from your analyses—interpreting the descriptive and inferential statistics.

Examine the clinical data to identify trends that demonstrate (1) quality, (2) safety, and (3) effectiveness of healthcare.

Recommend three actions based on your analysis, make three recommendations for evidence-based decision-making relevant for organizational action or change.

Create a PowerPoint presentation with summary, tables and data visualization. Include a summary of your analysis, statistical tables, and data visualizations. Conclude your presentation on the importance of executive dashboards.

No plagiarism. Must be enough data to create at least 10 powerpoint slides (content for each slide should include at least 3 sentences. Include speakers notes information. (I can create the powerpoint, if necessary). Must include references, if used.

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