{2 points} A study was conducted to see how people reacted to certain facial expressions. A sample group ofn = 36 was randomly divided Intosix groups. Each group was assigned to to View one picture of a person making a facial expression. Each group saw a different picture. and thedifferent expressions were {1} Surprised {2) Nervous {3) Scared [4) Sad {5} Excited [5] Angry. After viewing the pictures, the subjects were asked torank the degree of dominance they inferred from the facial expression they saw. (The scale ranged from -1D to 1D} ‘lhe data collected lssummarized In the table below. Surprised Nervous Scared Sad Excited Angry —0.5 — 1.6 0.2 1.4 I218 2 1.8 Total Note: Wu can earn partial credit on this problem. Preview My Answers Submit Answers

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