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(5 points} Hockey Birthdays. In EDGE, Malcolm Gladwell released his book, Outliers. In the book. Gladwell claims that moreprofessional hockey players are born in January through March than in October through December. Thetollowing data is asummary of birth months for a random sample of 1 F2 National Hockey League players. Birth Month Number of Players January-March 51April-dune 46July-September 4i]October-December 35 Conduct a hypothesis test to determine whether hockey players’ birthdays are evenly distributed throughout the year using thestated hypotheses. Let a = (1.01 and round all numeric resuits to 4 decimal places. a. What is the expected value for the number of player birthdays In January – March? b. Calculate the test statistic for this hypothesis test. ‘? ifH c. Calculate the degrees ot’freedom for this hypothesis test. d. Calculate the p-yslue for this hypothesis test. p—yalue = e. What Is your conclusion using a = 0.01? ._’_"_‘_.A. Do not reject Hg Iii B.- Rajam Ho

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