Hi! Can you walk me through how to do question 9? I can’t make sense of it. What is unclear to me is how to approach getting a z value for a percentile (80%) of the investments.

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6:50 PM Thu May 9 .. LTE 96% E].B instructure—uploads.53.amazonaws.com either company A or b .r7) What is the probability that he will only be chosen by company AQuestions 8-10 should be answered using the followingcase studyJohn has determined that the mean investment was $500(in thousand) and standard deviation of $30 (in thousands)for clients that took his advice when investing. 8) What percent of companies have a mean investmentgreater than $505 (thousands)? Round to an integernumber 9) What is the investment range for the middle 80% ofthe investments? Round to the nearest tenth. 10) What percent of companies have a meaninvestment smaller than $480 (thousands)? Round tothe nearest percent.

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