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Read the background information below. Prepare a paper addressing each of items listed. Make sure you read each section completely and carefully before preparing your paper.

Background: Acme General Contractors, Inc. is the general contractor for a new 20-story commercial building in downtown Centerville, USA. The building will use a rigid frame structure and reinforced concrete construction. You have been hired as the safety officer by a major subcontractor on the project who will be performing the roofing, interior insulation, and drywall installation.


  1. Analyze the hazards associated with the roofing and the interior work. You should identify at least three hazards for each activity.
  2. Perform a risk assessment on three hazards you identified for each activity (six total) using the 4X5 matrix shown in Figure 34-1 on page 492 of the textbook.
  3. Prioritize the need for controls for the hazards you selected based on the results of the risk assessment.
  4. Using the hierarchy of engineering controls listed in Figure 3-3 on page 29 of the textbook, recommend a control
    method for each hazard that you believe would be the most effective in reducing risk to an acceptable level. Explain
    why you made the choice, and support your decisions with at least one reference other than the textbook.
  5. Use the 4X5 matrix to show the reduction in risk for each hazard after the control method has been applied.
  6. For any fall protection that you recommend, be specific about the type of fall protection.
  7. Discuss how prevention through design (PtD) could be used to reduce the risks associated with these operations.

Prepare your project in a properly formatted APA style document including a title page, a brief abstract section, the body of the paper, and a reference page. The body of your paper must be a minimum of four pages, double-spaced (the title page, abstract, and reference page do not count toward the four-page minimum). You must use your textbook and at least one other source outside of the textbook as references.

Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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