According to Fennelly (2013), the term standard means a document published by a recognized standards body to specify requirements and an approach to a specific subject area. Write 400-600 words using proper APA formatting discussing the following:

  1. On an international level, provide the names and describe one of the largest organizations of Standard Publication, as well as the organization in the United States that works in conjunction with that international organization.
  2. Additionally, explain their functions and how they interact with each other.
  3. Regarding standards, regulations, and guidelines define and explain mandatory and benchmark practices.

Initial posts for discussion board are due on Wednesdays of each week.  You need to also respond to two classmates’ posts with at least 100 words for each response. For this assignment; you need to have at least six different in-text citations (2 for each question) that correspond with your reference page. Please use the library as all cited sources must be credible. You may also cite once from the material we are using in the class. Please utilize the DB header provided in the course material for this assignment. 

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