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Amarketing survey is conducted in which students are to taste two different brands of sdfldrink. Thelrtask ‘E to conestly identify the brand tasted. A random sample of 130 students is taken. Assume that the studentshave no ability to distinguish between the two brands. Complete (a) through (d) below. a. What is the probability that the sample will have between 50% and 50% ofthe identifications mnest? .49!!! (Round to four dedmal plaees as needed.) h. The probability is 90% that the sample percentage is contained within what symmetrical limits at the population peroentage? Identify the limits at the population peroentage. The lower limit is .4336 . The upper limit is .5614 .(Round to four decimal places as needed.) The sample percentage will be contained within % symmetrically around the population percentage.{Round to the one decimal place as needed.)

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