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APAPaper instructions:1)Demonstrate enhanced self awareness in relation to: personal, professional, cultural attitudes/values.
    Here, you will need to explain how you can derive values from both personal and professional perspectives into your workplace and their impact on care delivery. This may include values of the chosen service –user/client, society, doctors and other professionals involved in the care. Include ethical values derived from code of conduct, philosophical and cultural issues in order to provide signpost for the reader.

2) Evaluate the differences that may exist in the provision of services for both service users and service providers    Explain how care may be affected in the decision –making process in relation to geographical differences and target groups. Analyse the implications for service providers and service users in relation to justice, advocacy, malevolence and trust. Discuss the policy, procedures and legislation that might conflict with ethical points raised. The importance of any contentious or controversial issues to contemporary health and social care providers, with analysis to inform the report in relation to the case study. 

3) Analyse the ethical principles which acknowledge individuality, rights, responsibilities and duty.

    Here you may like to consider the rights are respected and empowering individuals by creating the right climate for making choice and to complain in the decision –making of service providers.
Here you are required analyse the theoretical and ethical principles in exercising rights of services users may conflict with carers needs. Explore both the rights and duties of service users and professionals. What are the ethical principles and their importance.
    Select a case study from your placement. The case- study must include judgement on cultural and ethical issues raised. Remember to maintain the confidentiality of the chosen client/ service user.
Your essay must cover all the three learning outcomes of this course. Introduce the case to inform the report
Evidence of  relevant theoretical reading and appropriate references must be included. 
Beware of  respecting confidentiality of service user by maintaining anonymity.

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