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Running head: LIFE-CYCLE PHASES 1


Life-cycle phases

Student’s Name: Dushyanth Mulakala

Professor’s Name: Khaled Falah


Why is it best to have six or less life-cycle phases in an EPM system?

Having more than six life-cycles phases can be a waste of time for the organization because the organization managers will have to sit in more meeting which can be a waste of time. Organization managers have to concentrate and spend more time on the project than gate review meetings. An increment of life-cycle phases will mean the managers will have to organize more gate review meeting which will take most of their time preparing the paper works. Therefore, having less than six life-cycle phases will save the organization a lot of time which can be spent on the project. Having less life-cycle phases has been proven to be the best and can manage a project in the most effective way. Here are some of the benefits of less life-cycle phases;

Time having less life-cycle phases will help managers use time effectively because the lost time in the organization can be used to other important things in the project. Having more life-cycle phases will require equal amount of gate review meeting which can be a waste of time.

Less cost each life-cycle phase has a cost to be incurred. Consequently, having less than six life-cycle phase will help the organization to reduce some cost in the project.

Analysis of critical decision point proceed, cancel, cost, schedule, revise, and quality are some of the critical decision on a life-cycle phase. For that reason, having less life-cycle phrases gives managers enough time to check on them.

Post project evaluation phase having less number of life-cycle phase give mangers a room to add an important phase called the post project evaluation phase.

Restructuring of failed life cycle if a life-cycle phase has been executed this can give room for redoing or restructuring of the life-cycle phase.


Harrison, F., & Lock, D. (2017). Advanced project management: a structured approach. Routledge.


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