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After considering my sleeping pattern, I hold the view that I am not sleep deprived. An analysis of my sleep schedule over a one-week period showed that I had sufficient and good quality sleep. Over the one week period, I had more than 6 hours of sleep per day except for February, 27th when I slept for only 3 hours. I realize that I focused better and was more productive when I got enough hours of sleep. For instance, I was more efficient, energetic, creative, and was a better communicator on the days when I got more hours of sleep. I did more on the days when I felt well rested and had some quality sleep.

The comparison of my sleep pattern on the sleep deprivation scale shows that I am sleep deprived. I realize that a reduction in my sleeping hours had a significant impact on my productivity: I was moodier, had less energy, and mental sharpness with a lower ability to handle stress. Consequently, I need to modify my sleep pattern and schedule in a way that will ensure that I get enough rest, guaranteeing that I can perform and meet all my daily responsibilities. It will also ensure that I get sufficient sleep to enhance my performance during the day. I recognize the fact that an optimal amount of sleep is necessary for one’s healthy and productive life.

I intend to take several measures to modify my sleep schedule in a way that will ensure I accomplish my responsibilities and get an optimal amount of sleep. At the onset, I will make sure that I always go to bed before 12:00 AM and ensure that I get more than 8 hours of sleep. The research on sleep patterns shows that going to bed after 12:00 AM has adverse effects on an individual’s health. Consequently, our bodies are likely to ask for more sleep after 12:00 AM than they would before 120:00 AM. I aim to do this until I can get used to waking up without an alarm.

I have several dreams in the week under analysis. Although I tend to forget most of my dreams, I remember one where I have been in a classroom with my classmates. The teacher gave me my test results, in which I had performed poorly. I suppose that I had the dream as I was scared about how I would perform in the test. I was waiting irritably to know the results.

I now recognize the importance of sleep and what I need to attain a healthy sleep schedule. Sleep is not just a luxury but an essential need and necessity. Quality sleep determines my productivity, creativity, emotional balance, physical vitality, and general physical health. I will aim for more than seven and half hours of sleep per night. I will develop a consistent sleep pattern, maintain a sleep diary, and make sleep a priority. To improve my sleep pattern, I will ensure that I am well fed before going to bed, sleep in a comfortable environment, and exercise before sleeping.







What time did you go to bed ? What time did you get up ? How rested did you feel when you get up from 1 to 10? How was the overall quality of your sleep from 1 to 10?


In a sentence or two, what do you think caused your restful/Unrestful sleep last night?
February 22






1:00 AM 10:00 AM 8 7 I had enough hours of sleep, and I felt rested.
February 23 2:30 AM 9:00 AM 7 10 I had enough hours of sleep, I did not have to worry about a test in the next day
February 24 3:00 AM 10:00 AM 10 10 7 hours of sleep is enough to keep me awake through the day.
February 25 1:00 AM 9:00 AM 7 6 I did not sleep well because I slept without having dinner, I kept waking up during the night.
February 26  

3:30 AM




10:00 AM 6 6 The heater did not heat the room enough and I woke up feeling cold and tired.
February 27 6:00 AM 10:00AM 3 3 I did not have enough hours of sleep and I skipped the first class I have that day.




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