I have archeology work that have some requirements that will be attached in word file. The work should be only photos, maps and really short paragraphs for every photo or map. The information should relate to the photos and the maps. Also, information should be easy to understand with basic language format. make it easy, clear and understandable. photos and maps should be no lees than 10 photos and maps, total 10  

Regional Poster Presentations

A significant assignment for this class is a Regional Perspective poster presentation on some aspect of human society and its environment in a specific world region (e.g., Africa, Southwest Asia, East & South Asia, Oceania, etc.). Consult the syllabus for the schedule of regional areas, beginning with Africa on 26 February and concluding with Europe & Oceania on 28 March

Students will either choose or be assigned their region/topic/presentation date. On the date assigned they will present a poster on the topic in class. Students should be prepared to discuss their topic and answer questions on it from their classmates.

Poster Requirements:

· at least 24”x36” and not larger than 36”x48” in any dimension.

· professional quality (printed, not written) – can use poster board & neatly paste printed sheets to it rather than printing at the Hub.

· contain both text and graphics (graphics do not need to be color).

· have a font size for main text & section headings large enough to be read from a distance of four feet (4’).

· have a concise thesis, discussion, and conclusion.

· cite references in-text and include a bibliography (text for bibliography can be small).

My Region:

East & South Asia:

· Agriculture

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