Question #4

As the transportation logistics manager of a delivery company, evaluate the following data regarding delivery time satisfaction of 1,200 randomly selected customers:CityOn-TimeSlight Delay Major Delay TotalSanFrancisco23020070500New YorkCity31035040700Total5405501101200DirectionsPrepare a 350- to 450-word analysis report regarding delivery satisfaction relative to these two major cities. Your report should clearly address the questions that follow. Do notprovide a numbered list of answers, as the report should be a professional composition with properly-inserted visuals formatted and identified properly according to APA style.1. Review the analytical tests studied in this module relative to market research and statistical inference. Notice, in this project, that the data represent a simple count andprovide no measures of central tendency or variability. Therefore, identify the proper statistical tool that should be applied to provide information that management needs.Is the test statistic parametric or non-parametric? Address this point in the opening paragraph of your report.2. Also, in the opening paragraph, clearly express the null and alternative hypotheses in terms that match this study.3. Outline an analysis strategy. Detail a step-by-step course of action.4. Analyze the data. Show the work of the mathematics using a table to best communicate the results. Ensure that the results include information about degrees of freedom,expected frequencies, the result of analysis, and the corresponding p-value used to draw conclusions.5. Interpret the results, Provide senior management with a clear picture regarding delivery satisfaction relative to these two major cities.

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