Assignment 1 – SEM722 ‐ Total Assessment Weighting ‐ 25%

Week 5


Machining is an important aspect of manufacturing. Selecting machining parameters are important as they influence manufacturing productivity and cost. The limitations to machining product throughput time is based on variables tied to the “machinability” of the workpiece material, limitations of the cutting tool / operation / machining equipment, and the intended workpiece finish dimensional tolerance and surface finish.

This assessment task is based on experimental work performed during Prac 1. You will be creating a

‘technical research paper’ based on your machining experiments performed during week 1.

Assessment task:

In Practical 1 you performed a set of experiments related to evaluating the machinability between two alloys under different machining operations, including an experiment to examine the surface roughness of the samples. Using the template provided, you will create a technical research paper based around these two experiments. Please read the carefully template in terms of how to write and structure your technical paper. Your paper will discuss the following elements.

1) Machinability ‐ the focus of your paper will be based on assessing the machinability of two different materials, stainless steel and aluminium. Using the experimental data collected from the practical by any means necessary, you will identify and report and discuss in your paper, which material has the better machinability and discuss why?

2) Limitations to machinability ‐ based on your observations from the practical and from the experimental data collected, you will discuss what is ‘machinability’ and why this so difficult to quantify?

3) Surface Roughness Analysis – based on the obtained surface profile results for each of the machined surfaces, you will draw inferences as the machinability of the respective material based on the surface roughness profile. You will discuss why this measurement is important and what insights it can provide with respect to the machine tooling tracks and overall finish of the material. You will also discuss the differences that result from changes in material and machining parameters on the surface roughness.

Your paper should be minimum of 2000 words (excluding references). It should not exceed 2500 words. Note: YOU MUST USE THE TEMPLATE PROVIDED do not use your own. You are welcome to change the title headings for the template, but the formatting and structure must be used.

This is an individual submission, this paper must be written in your words. Do not copy and paste large paragraphs from literature straight into your paper, instead you are strongly encourage to paraphrase, i.e. re‐write the text in your own words. You must also clearly check the spelling and grammar of your own work. Any detected written work which has been poorly written, will be given a poor grade. A quick online guide on summarising, paraphrasing and quoting which you will find extremely useful, can be found in the following link.‐support/referencing/summarisingparaphrasing‐quoting

Any references used should be cited using an approved style and avoiding plagiarism (see link below). This means you are expected to write the assignment in your words, and not use those of the references you find. Students are encouraged to work together, however, ALL work submitted must be written in the individual students own words. Turnitin software will be used on all assignment submissions.‐students/study‐support/study‐skills/handouts/refer‐plag.php

Note: Assignments should be uploaded either as word docs or pdf’s to the appropriate dropbox on CloudDeakin.

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