Attendance at home basketball games at a university varies throughout the season. The standard deviation for

attendance over the past 3 seasons is easily calculated from online information and is found to be σ = 2055. An

employee in the athletics office wonders if attendance at games during the 1990s had a different standard

deviation. Because it is more difficult to find the information, the employee decides to randomly sample 15 games

from the 1990s and calculates the sample standard deviation to be s = 1874. Is this evidence that the variance in

attendance in the past was different from 4223025?

25. What is the test statistic?

a. χ2 = 12.76

b. χ2 = 18.04

c. χ2 = 23.93

d. χ2 = 11.64

26. What is the p-value for this test?

a. 0.635 b. 0.730 c. 0.365 d. 1.270

I know the answer for question 25, which is D: X^2=11.64. Please explain question 26. It’s better if 26 could be solved using calculator.

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