1)   The second sheet on QMB3200-Homework#1Data.xlsx is named BetaEmployees. It gives data about some employees at Beta Corporation. 

a.    For each of the variables, state the type of each of the six variables as either Numeric or Categorical. 

b.    For the Gender variable, find the number of males and females and their proportions. Assume 0 denotes Male and 1 denotes Female.

c.    create frequency table for annual salary by creating frequencies for groups of intervals of 10,000. Create the groups as 0 to 9999, 10,000 to 19,999, 20,000 to 29,999, and so on up to 169,999.

d.    Create relative frequency column

e.    Create cumulative frequency column

f.     Create cumulative relative frequency column

g.    Plot a chart of the relative frequencies

h.    Guess if the shape is skewed or not and if so, in what direction.

i.     Find the skewness of annual salary column and interpret its value.

j.     Find the kurtosis of annual salary column and interpret its value.

k.    Make three statements about the data.

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