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Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Plan

This part of the project is a continuation of Project Part 1 in which you prepared an RA plan and a risk mitigation plan for Health Network. Senior management at the company has decided to allocate funds for a business impact analysis (BIA). Because of the importance of risk management to the organization, senior management is committed to and supportive of performing a BIA. You have been assigned to develop the BIA plan.

Submission Requirements

  • Format: Microsoft Word or compatible
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12-point, double-space
  • Citation Style: APA
  • A minimum of 3 Academic References

Evaluation Criteria and Rubrics

  • Did the student complete a BIA plan based on inputs from the instructor regarding feedback on submitted work?
  • Did the student include the primary objectives of a BIA: identify critical business functions, identify critical resources, identify MAO and impact, and identify recovery objectives?
  • Did the student create a professional, well-developed report with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation?

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