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Study the case study document and watch the simulation video. Work with your team on the following questions. Important: For case study assignments, it is NOT a good idea to start by splitting the questions among the team members. Each team member should read the case and draft a response to every question. Then, the team should get together to perform the final analyses and then (perhaps) split the writing of the final report (which should be edited to ensure continuity).

  1. Calculate the number of workers that would be assigned to each process so that the average capacity of each process (requests per day) is equal to the average demand for the applications service (i.e., 24 requests per day). Note that this analysis will load the service system with a capacity buffer of zero percent (0%) for each process. Show how the calculations were done and the results.
  2. Using the number of workers calculated above, run the simulation for forty (40) 30-day periods and summarize these results statistically using two or more numerical summaries and at least one display.
  3. In 1-2 paragraphs (about 200 words), summary your results from Question 2 for the project team. Include reference to all interesting findings and the displays and other results from above. Explain the meaning of each numerical summary and display. Do not simply list or refer to the information presented in Question 2 without explanation.
  4. Analyze the applications service system by running the simulation repeatedly while adjusting the number of workers (i.e., the capacity buffer) to determine how best to allocate workers to each process. Use only whole numbers of servers (1, 2, 3, etc.). Show your key results in tabular form or as a display. Remember that you must run the simulation for multiple iterations so that the effect of random variations does not bias your results (indicate the number of times you ran the simulation for each analysis). Be prepared to have a team member present this result orally at the next classroom session.
  5. Make a final recommendation for the number of workers to assign to each process. Justify your recommendations using 1-2 paragraphs (about 200 words). Incorporate a display that shows the main options you considered.
  6. List and describe three problems that may occur if the centralized system were implemented. There is no need to “solve” the problems – just justify why you think the problem may occur. Use at least one reference citation to support each of your potential problems (use a different reference for each potential problem). This link helps you better understand the APA writing style, in particular, how to cite and reference correctly (http://library.bu.edu/citeys). A link to an excellent guide is provided here (https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/). Be prepared to have a team member present one of your potential problems at the next classroom session.

Turn in one Word file (on Blackboard), with a cover page (with course name, case study title, date, and team members). Put all analysis detail in the Word file (i.e., do not attach an Excel file). The Word file should be suitable for printing.

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