Canada has a huge number of lakes; the exact total number is unknown. There are 17 lakes in the Province of Quebec with a total area (including the area of islands) larger than 400 square kilometers. The total area of these lakes in km2 is given below:

2335 1570 1383 1249 1003 978 761 677 592 584 576 547 533 470 452 444 405

Select the proper test for this data set and then determine if the mean (median) area of the 17 lakes in Quebec larger than 400 square kilometres differs from 1000 square kilometres.

(use a= .10).

Source: Canada. Environment Canada. Inland Waters Branch. Inventory of Freshwater Lakes. Ottawa.

a) Perform the Test for Asymmetry. State the hypothesis, sko, skα/2 and your decision.

b) Perform the Test for Non-Normality. State the hypothesis, the value of r and rα and your decision.

c) State the first indication.

d) Describe the shape of the histogram and boxplot.

e) State your conclusion of the shape of the sample.

f) State the selected test.

g) Perform the test by hand. 

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