I am taking an Introduction to Programming Class. I am going over an exam that I took and would like to find where I went wrong with my answers. Can you please provide input on the attached questions?

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  • Attachment 2
  • Attachment 3
  • Attachment 4
  • Attachment 5

canola». (+, >H’3? ,.:100%I12:43PM >< Exam 1 (**Webcam**) – Requ… Show Your Answers v Question 26 – Write a code fragment that prints, on separatelines, your name, one of your hobbies, yourfavorite book, and your favorite movie. { System.out.println( "Aja Dickerson); System.out.println( "I play basketball in my freetime"); System.out.println( " My favorite book is AMillion Word "); System.out.println( " My favorite movie isCorrina, Corrina, it has Whoopi Goldberg"); } Question 27 –

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