Chris Lane, the head professional at Royal Oak Country Club, must develop a schedule of matches for the couples golf league that begins its season at 4:00 pm tomorrow. Eighteen couples signed up for the league, and each couple must play every other couple over the course of the 17-week season. Chris thought it would be fairly easy to develop a schedule, but after working on if for a couple of hours, he has been unable to come up with a schedule. Because Chris must have a schedule ready by tomorrow afternoon, he has asked you to help him. A possible complication is that one of the couples told Chris that they may have to cancel for the season. They told Chris they would let him know by 1:00pm tomorrow. whether they would be able to play this season.

report for Chris Lane. Your report should include, at a minimum, the following items:

  1. A schedule that will enable each of the 18 couples to play every other couple over the 17-week season
  2. A contingency schedule that can be used if the couple that contacted Chris decides to cancel for the season

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