Consider the parameters below of a hard disk to answer the ve questions

that follow.

There are 10 surfaces, each with 100,000 tracks.

The diameter of the disk surface is 3.5 inch.

On average, each track has 1024 sectors of 1024 bytes each.

Each block consists of 64 sectors.

Gaps constitute 10% of each track.

The rotational speed is 8800 rounds per minute.

It takes 1+k=3000 milliseconds (ms) to move the read/write head over k tracks.

(a). What is the capacity of disk in mega bytes (MB)?

(b). Suppose tracks are located on the outer 1-inch of the surfaces. Then, what would

be the average bit density of a track (i.e., number of bits per inch)?

(c). Determine the minimum, average, and maximum seek times.

(d). Determine the minimum, average, and maximum rotational latencies.

(e). Determine the block transfer time (btt) in milliseconds.

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