This week’s assignment will address course learning objectives 4 and 5. This week’s assignment is a written paper, formatted according to APA, 6th edition format. Please be sure to use a correctly formatted title page including headers, and an APA formatted reference page. A minimum of 4 valid resources are required and in-text citations are required to show where and how you have used each resource to support your conclusions. The purpose of this paper is to examine contemporary issues related to food safety, including tampering, bioterrorism, and different food safety standards across the globe, and identifying food safety barriers that can cause issues with food safety in a global, interconnected environment. Divide your papers into sections so that you cover the main topics of: tampering, bioterrorism, differing food safety standards, and finish up by explaining how those issues can cause problems with food safety in a global environment. Basically, you will be writing a paragraph or two on each issue and then finishing up with a few paragraphs that tie them all together and show how those issues impact food safety globally. Make sure that you include an introduction to the paper as well as a conclusion. Be sure that you are writing from a third person perspective and using sources to back up what you are saying. Remember, in an academic paper, just because you say so…that does not make it true. You need to support your conclusions with a valid resource. Below are some very relevant and informational resources to help you with writing an academic paper. Please review them and let your instructor know if you have any questions. These are all located in the writing center of the APUS Library, so you will need to be logged into your student account to access them.

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