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Convergence criterion:startEXP.: – P.j-271-2e, L/d< ERRj-2i-2boundary condition_i=1 and i=m+1, P . = 0j=1 and j=n+1, P. = 0Boundary conditions:give original value of all points_i=2…m and j=2…n,P. = 0P = 0NIiteration *=1(=0P = 0for i=2…m and j=2…n,calculate AJ. BLJ. CLJ. DiJ . E:J . Fiscalculate piintroducing Reynolds boundary conditionTargetZaxis is Matrix Pk= k+1S-ZZ|Pi – PAV-axis is A in the range [-1,1]*-axis is Matrix of <j-1i-1G=0.9.Lid=m=60noS< ERRyesoutput Plend

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