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DBST (Database Systems Technology)

An introduction to relational databases, one of the most pervasive technologies today. The presentation covers the fundamental concepts necessary for the design, use, and implementation of relational database systems. The focus is on basic concepts of database modeling and design, the languages and facilities provided by database management systems, and techniques for implementing relational database systems. Topics include implementation concepts and techniques for database design, query optimization, concurrency control, recovery, and integrity. A foundation for managing databases in critical environments is provided. Assignments require the use of a remote access laboratory.

Advanced Relational/Object-Relational Database Systems

A continuation of the study of relational database systems, exploring advanced concepts. Topics include logical design, physical design, performance, architecture, data distribution, and data sharing in relational databases. The concepts of object-relational design and implementation are introduced and developed. Assignments require the use of a remote-access laboratory.

Advanced Data Modeling

An introduction to fundamental concepts and techniques for successfully designing databases for structured and unstructured data. Topics include database quality techniques and relational, dimensional, and NoSQL modeling, as well as best practices on selecting methods and modeling tools to design the database models (relational, dimensional, full column, document, and graph/RDF). Assignments require the use of a remote-access laboratory.

Distributed Database Management Systems

An introduction to the development of distributed database management, focusing on concepts and technical issues. The survey covers distributed database management systems, including architecture, distributed database design, query processing and optimization, distributed transaction management and concurrency control, distributed and heterogeneous object management systems, and database inoperability.

Data Warehouse Technologies

Logical approaches for successfully designing and implementing a data warehouse for structured and unstructured data. Topics include data modeling techniques; extraction, transformation, and loading of data; performance challenges; and system tradeoffs in the development of the warehouse environment. Assignments require the use of a remote-access laboratory.

Data Mining

An overview of the
data mining component of the knowledge discovery process. Data mining applications are introduced, and the algorithms and techniques used for solving different problems are identified. Topics include the application of well-known statistical, machine learning, and database algorithms, including decision trees, similarity measures, regression, Bayes theorem, nearest neighbor, neural networks, and genetic algorithms. The discussion also covers researching data mining applications and integrating data mining with data warehouses.

Database Security

An overview of both the theory of and applications for providing effective security in database management systems. Topics include conceptual frameworks for discretionary and mandatory access control, data integrity, availability and performance, secure database design, data aggregation, data inference, secure concurrency control, and secure transactions processing. Models for multi-level secure databases for both relational and object-relational databases are analyzed. Assignments focus on database security concepts and require the use of a remote access laboratory.

Database Systems Administration

An introduction to the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to administer operational database systems successfully. The conceptual and operational tools for analysis and resolution of problems such as performance, recovery, design, and technical issues are provided. Tools used to assist in the administration process are also included.

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