Instructions: Using the piece of work attached, create a cultural artifact that demonstrates understanding of the impact art has on populations and cultures. Do this by altering a main character (by race, gender, sexuality, or class) and demonstrate how that changes the story by re-writing a crucial scene with the changes or recreating a piece of art.  

Be sure to fulfill the following requirements:

· A main character’s race, class, gender, or sexuality has been changed which results in a logical and clear change in the story/work. 

· It should clearly fit within the framework of the work.

· Demonstrates sophisticated understanding of the complexity of elements important to members of another culture through this change. Story demonstrates understanding of the widely varied reflections of human perspectives and/or practices.

· All of the characters in the original piece must still be present, though their behavior, dialogue, and actions can change.

· This assignment should be a minimum of 500 words and clearly indicates which work is being altered.

Cultural Artifact Rubric:

· The student will be graded individually on the quality and detail of the creative assignment.

· Each student will also receive a grade for their ability to engage the work in a creative way. 

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