ITCS 1140

Project 2

50 pts

The National Bank of MCC found your resume on Upon reviewing your resume, they noticed you have taken ITCS 1140 in your course of study. They quickly realized you are the right person for this job. They immediately made the decision to hire you to create an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM).

The functions of an ATM are as follows:

1. Balance Inquiry

2. Deposit

3. Withdrawal

Balance Inquiry

· Should display the balance of Checking account.

· For the purpose of this project, assume that the initial balance is $1000

· The balance should be updated anytime a user makes a transaction. Example: If a user deposits $200 to the initial balance of $1000, and later wishes to do a balance inquiry then the balance should reflect the $200 that was just deposited. So the balance would now read $1,200.


· Should allow the user to add to existing balance.


· Should allow the user to withdrawal from the existing balance as long as funds are available. If the user only has $200 available, he should not be able to withdrawal $210.

· Withdrawals can only be made in denominations of $10. So the user cannot withdrawal $15.

General Notes

· Once the user starts the program, he will then have to enter in a PIN number to access the ATM. For the purpose of this project, assume the PIN number is 1234.

· The user will get 3 attempts to enter in the correct pin number. If the user enters a wrong pin number, an appropriate (friendly) message will show up. After the 3rd failed attempt, user will be blocked from using the ATM. Program ends.

· All dollar amount should be displayed with 2 decimal places and a comma to separate the thousands place. Example: $1,250.00

· Your program needs to be modular. It will need a minimum of 4 functions (including main).

1. Main

2. Balance Inquiry

3. Deposit

4. Withdrawal

Output: Invalid PIN #


Output: Invalid Menu Entry


Output: Balance Inquiry


Output: Deposit to checking Account


Output: Withdrawal From Checking Account


Output: Invalid Withdrawal (Not denomination of 10)


Output: Invalid Withdrawal (Insufficient Funds)


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