Creating a new identity explains in detail how people use the borrowed identities for fraud. In this exercise (project) you will research the details to create a new identity other than your own, be it for legal reasons or for illegal purposes. The specific requirements are included attachment.

Managing Information Systems – Final Project Specifications Creating a New Identity (How Far Can You Go?)

Creating a new identity explains in detail how people use the borrowed identity for fraud. There are fundamentally three types of identities (other than the one you’re born with); Created, Forged, and Stolen.

● With created identities, you establish the paperwork needed to make the identity legal, and from that point on you are essentially that person.

● With forged identities, you create the minimal IDs, instead of applying through the state or government.

● With stolen identities, you take over another person’s ID (living or deceased) in order to abuse their specific credit.

From the point you transfer his or her identity to you, you are that person. This process is more complicated if you have a criminal record (and thus have fingerprints on record). This can be problematic if caught with the stolen identity, since the authorities think they have someone else. Project Plan

1) Research the process to assume a new identity in the United States.

2) Provide a step-by-step checklist for someone to follow (which will prove how

easy this process is for identity thieves).

3) List the type of information you can find on any person you are searching for

on the Internet.

4) Detail your findings by compiling a list of websites that you used to gather

personal data on your target.

5) Compile a list of data broker agencies/sites that collect data on citizens.

Please see the attachment for more details –

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