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Creating an Evidence-Based Poster is one way to disseminate your evidenced-based outcomes. Examine the multiple venues for your final poster. What organization would be interested in your poster? What are some of the important elements to consider when creating a professional poster? Explore and chose one of the “helpful websites” (box 16.3) and discuss information you deem essential for your fellow students to consider when preparing professional posters. Was this website helpful to you? Feel free to share your ideas, creativity, and any other information which you may deem important to share with your class (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2011, pp. 361-365). When you attend conferences do you look at the posters on display? Do you take the time to critically examine them, ask questions, and comment? or Do you select ones that pique your interest visually, or by subject, or do you quickly glance at them? Will this section of the book encourage you to take a closer look at professional posters?

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