Group policy is defined as a feature of Microsoft windows active directory which normally adds additional control to computer accounts and the users (McLean, 2014). Group policies are meant to provide centralized management as well as the operating system configurations of the computing environment of users. Group policies are important since they secure computers from data breaches or infiltration. Group policy object, on the other hand, is termed as a collection of settings system administrators which are created with Microsoft management console the group policy editor (McLean, 2014). Group policy object is associated with one or several active directory containers which include; Organizational units, sites and domains.

When deploying group policies in an organization, the default domain policy should not be modified. It should only be used in account policy settings, account lockout policy and password policy. Default domain policy is only set on the domain level in order to enable all the computers and the users to make use of the policy (Dulay, 2011). Default domain controller policy should also not be modified. This group policy object should only have the user right assignment policy as well as the audit policy. GPO should not be set at the domain level. Default domain policy is only set at the domain level. Anything which is set at the domain level will be applied to computer objects. GPO should also be applied at the OU root level (Dulay, 2011). Apply group policy object at the OU level will enable sub-OU to take over the policies. In this way, one does not link the policy to all the individuals in AU. Organizations do have similar mindsets when deploying the mentioned controls in the clouds. Each organization has its own mindset based on the computers it possesses and what is in that should be secured.


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Cryptography provides the more security in online transactions. For example users perform any banking transaction that user transactions are encrypted with Cryptography and provide more security for transactional data. In organizations the confidential and sensitive information is maintained in encrypted manner by using Cryptography. Because now a days the cyber attacks are more in originations for avoidance of cyber attacks using Cryptography encrypt the data and stored in database. Again user retrieval process using Cryptography decrypt the data.

Cryptography used in overcome cyber-attacks like phishing attacks, spam email attacks and denial of service attacks. User access controls are implemented with Cryptography. Because of user access control user actions in organizations and avoid the data loss problems. Cryptography having the so many advantages in different applications. Every communication channel or application using Cryptography encrypted the data send by sender and receiver side decrypted data. For example in whatsapp application sender sended information encrypted with Cryptography in background and receiver side decrypted with Cryptography by provide of more security for communication information.



I want 200 words explanation on this paragraph with 3 reference, your sentence must be start from, I like your post, I would like to add some more details on your discussion..

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