Computer Science homework help

Data Breach Notification” Please respond to the following:

  • Due in large part to breach notification laws, we have heard about many more data breaches in the past few years.
    • From the e-Activity, describe the main elements of data breach notification laws. ¬†Discuss the importance of breach notification for credit card information, as it relates to PCI-DSS.
    • Describe the concept of a safe harbor and how that impacts an organization when developing its security methods. Determine if breach notification laws should define a minimum level of encryption to qualify for safe harbor and describe why or why not.


“IP Ownership” Please respond to the following:

  • Organizations often have to address the issue of IP ownership. This can apply to potential conflicts of ownership between the organization and individuals, or between organizations and contractors.
    • Assess the potential issues associated with IP ownership in organizations today.
    • Suggest the factors organizations should consider when determining the ownership of IP and including IP ownership clauses into contracts.

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