1. Essay Topic 1: Define each of the terms: Distance, Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration. What are the units associated with each of these? Explain with examples. How are they related to each other?  

2. Essay topic 2: Describe in detail all 3 of Newton’s laws of motion. Provide one real-life example for each of these laws. 

3. Essay Topic 3: Describe the following terms with examples:

–          Electric charge

–          Electric current

–          Voltage

–          Electric Energy

–          Electric Power

–          Electric Potential

4. Essay Topic 4: What is an electric field? What is a magnetic field? How are they inter-related? Describe Fleming’s Right Hand Rule? 

5. Essay Topic 5: Describe the difference between mass and weight.

You will need to conduct some external research in order to complete this essay: Robot A weighs 80 pounds on Earth. NASA wants to send Robot A on the ‘Amazing Space Shuttle’ which will be making stops at Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.

Calculate what the weight of Robot A would be on each of these different planets. 

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