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Following this worksheet (using the tabs at the bottom of this page), you will find several worksheets. Each includes a series of demand data. On each sheet: 1. Use the labeled method to fit a forecast for this data. 2. Plot the actual demand vs. the forecast. The first one is done for you as an example (as you input forecast values, the forecast plot will show up). 3. Calculate the various error measures at the bottom of the sheet. 4. Answer any questions that appear at the bottom of the sheet. Hints: My advice is to put the parameters (alpha, beta, gamma, etc) into individual cells and then just reference those cells in your formulas. That way you can easily change the values of the parameters and see the impact on the forecast and the error measures. The output of the forecast should be in the same units as the actual demand. Also, don’t forget to round the output of your forecast to match the input of actual demand

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