SHM 485 – Safety and Health Management Capstone

Assignment # 1

Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

Due: April 19, 2018 on Canvas

ABET Outcome: Students will demonstrate their ability to complete this comprehensive project based on knowledge and skills acquired in earlier course work.Students will also demonstrate their ability to deliver recommendations effectively in written communications. {SHM-23; ABET-(g)}

Project:Capstone Insurance provides a wide range of “commercial business” insurance products and risk management solutions for mid-sized and large businesses. Upon your graduation from Central, you are hired by Capstone Insurance. Your first task is to assess the safety performance of a potential client, a medium sized light truck and utility vehicle manufacturing company (North American Industrial Classification System Code [NAICS]336112).This company has never had a good safety program, and has never filled out OSHA 300 logs. They just lost their insurance with another carrier. Your manager provides you with a list of accidents / incidents, which the company experienced in 2016. She assigns you the following tasks:

1. Compare the company’s recordable/DART rates to the national average rates.

a. You have to classify each of the accidents / incidents into one of the eight injury/incident categories:

i. Non-work related (NWR)

ii. First Aid (FA)

iii. Recordable – job transfer cases

iv. Recordable – restrictions cases

v. Recordable – other cases

vi. Days away cases

vii. Environmental incidents (EI)

viii. Others

b. Use the 29 CFR 1904 OSHA recordkeeping requirements ( to identify the OSHA recordable injuries.

c. Fill out the federal OSHA 300 log for applicable injuries. Use the injury IDs provided on the injury table for each injury. You can make up employee names. Use the online MS Excel version of the 300 log (OSHA website).In addition, fill out the OSHA 300A summary sheet based on the injury information and work hours provided in Table 1.

d. Analyze the accident / incident data with the help of a MS Excelworksheet. Create the Table 1 provided below in MS Excel sheet with built-in formulas.

i. Calculate the first aid, recordable, and DART ratesper 100 full-time workers for each month using work hours provided below.

ii. Find out the recordable and DART rate industry average for NAICS 336112 from the OSHA website.

iii. Create a line graph comparing the company’s average to the industryaveragefor recordable and DART rates.

iv. Make sure to add additional columns for environmental and other incidents.

2. Create accident trending charts using MS Excel for Capstone Corporation using the accidentlog presented in Table 2. Provide detailed corrective actions.

a. Feed injury / incidentclassification (e.g., first aid, recordable, environmental incidents, etc.) information from item1(a).

b. Classify the injury types under: Bruise, Sprain, Strain, Fracture, Laceration/Cut, Burn, Puncture, and others.

c. Classify the accident type under: struck-by, struck-against, contact-by, contact-with, caught-on, caught-in, caught-between, fall-to-surface, fall-to-below, exertion, bodily reaction, and exposure.

d. Classify the body part.

e. Create seven professional graphs for: (1) OSHA classification, (2) injury days, (3) injury time zones, (4) accident type, (5) body part, (6) supervisor, and (7) Area.For injury time, split the time into four zones (e.g., Zone 1: 6 am to noon).

f. Include the trends in your report and identify remedial measures.

3. Recommend a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) and an Accident Prevention Plan (APP):

Your manager wants your recommendation. Should Capstone InsuranceCompanyinsureCapstone Corporation after this detailed review?

i. If no, provide a detailed explanation justifying your decision.

ii. If yes, why, and what is the CAPyou would want to see from Capstone Corporation as a condition of providing insurance?

iii. Provide recommendations for the company to create a workplace APP, including environmental management. If this company is located in Washington, what would be the major elements of the company’s APP? Develop the list based on the accidents / incidents suffered by the company and Washington Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) requirements? What should each element address based on the company’s injury history (provide at least one sentence explanation for each element)?

4. Report Submission:

a. Hardcopy: Submit your overallreport that includes your recommendation, injury summarylog and accident trend summarylog, and completed OSHA 300 and 300A log.

b. Softcopy: Upload the documents to Canvasbeforethe due date.

Example Graphs:

Revision date: 3/25/2018


Legend: WH Month – Work hours; WH-C – Cumulative Work hours; FA Month – Number of First Aid Injuries; FA-C – Cumulative First Aid Injuries; REC – Number of Recordable Injuries; REC-C – Cumulative Recordable Injuries; DART Month – Number of DART Injuries; REC IND – Injury Recordable Injury Rate; DART IND – Industry DART Rate; Goal – Your goal for Capstone Insurance.

*Don’t forget add the vehicle and environmental incidents to this injury/incident summary log as columns.

Note: The primary objective of this assignment is for you to practice MS Excel. Do not calculate on paper and just enter the results in Excel sheet. Please use MS Excel “formulas” functions to calculate the results for the few columns (blue highlight) needed.

Table 2 – Accident Trend Summary Log 2016
IDInjury DescriptionOSHA ClassificationInjuryDateInjuryTimeInjuryTypeAccidentTypeBody PartSupervisorArea
1On 1/21/2017, a worker was lifting some heavy boxes at the plant and tweaked her back during the process. The doctor gave her restrictions until 2/6/2017. No prescriptions. 1/21/20178:00 AM  3A
2A worker tripped when he was walking on the third level and twisted his ankle. He was diagnosed with an ankle sprain with routine work restrictions from 1/23/2017 to 4/24/2017. 1/23/201710:30 AM  2B
3On 2/11/2017, a maintenance worker was working on the roof close to the unprotected leading edge. He lost balance and fell approximately12 feet. He suffered several broken bones. He was offwork till 6/2/2017. 2/11/201711:00 AM  5A
4A worker complained of severe neck pain due to welding 8 hours a day in an awkward posture. He went to a chiropractor for treatment and received few weeks of treatment. He was not given any restrictions or prescriptions. 2/14/201712:00 PM  1B
5A worker complained of severe neck pain due to overhead work and the safety professional administered cold therapy. No other medical treatment was administered. 2/17/20171:00 PM  3B
6A worker experienced severe skin burns due to direct contact with a degreaser. He was taken to the clinic, and the doctor did not give any restrictions, just medical treatment with some prescription medications. 2/20/20172:30PM  4C
7A worker had a small cut and the safety professional used sterile strips to treat his cut. 2/23/20173:00 PM  1C
8A worker participated in a voluntary softball tournament at work. She raced for home base, and landed awkwardly rupturingher ACL. She underwent several surgeries to repair her knee and was off-duty for 130 days. 2/26/20174:00 PM  1C
9A worker slipped and fell, suffering a minor chipped tooth. 3/1/20175:00 PM  1C
10A worker was chipping a concrete sidewalk with a jackhammer and felt an object enter their right index finger. The concrete chip was removed from his finger, and he applied a Band-Aid. No doctor visit. 3/4/20177:00 AM  1D
11A worker was commuting to work and was involved in a motor vehicle accident on a company parking lot. He was given time off work for 15 work days by a doctor. 3/7/20178:00 AM  2D
12A worker was drilling a hole with a Dewalt Roto-hammer. Roto-hammer caught on rebar and kicked around and hit him in the head, resulting in a huge cut on his right cheek. He received tenstitches, no time-off or restrictions. 3/10/20179:00 AM  2D
13A worker was exposed to a hot work environment resulting in heat stress. He was administered with intravenous fluids in the emergency department of the local hospital. 3/13/201710:00 AM  2D
14A worker was exposed to hot work environment resulting in heat stress. Worker drank some water to relieve heat stress, after a few hours she was fine and went back to work. 3/16/201711:00 AM  5D
15A worker was walking down the stairs; mis-stepped and twisted his back. He was given no restrictions but was given some prescription medication by the doctor. However, he did not follow doctor prescription; instead he took over the counter medication for pain. 3/19/201712:00 PM  2A
16The plant manager was giving a tour to thegeneral public. One of the visitors slipped and fellin a patch of unknown liquid and broke his hip, requiring multiple surgeries. He was hurt on 3/19/2017 and was given time-off till 4/19/2017. 3/19/20171:00 PM  3A
17A worker was making a sales trip to various clients. During one such trip, he took a detour for personal reasons to Costco. When he came back after shopping and tried to get into his truck, he slipped and fell. He suffered a shoulder fracture, resulting in severework restrictions (until 05/29/2017 that impacted his routinejob functions, but not time off. 3/22/20172:00 PM  5A
18A worker ducked through the handrail and went down a closed stairway. There were no wood inserts placed in the treads, and she twisted her ankle, experiencing an ankle sprain. She was permanently transferred to another plant to accommodate her injury. No time-off or prescriptions. 3/25/20173:00 PM  2C
19A worker was working at the foundry and received metal fume poisoning from lead fumes. He was okay after doctor visit, no restrictions. 3/28/20174:00 PM  4C
20A worker stepped on a nail and received a puncture wound. He was taken offsite for medical treatment. No prescriptions or restrictions. However, he received a tetanus shot. 3/31/20175:00 PM  2B
21An employee was on a 5-day work related travel outside his home state. On his second day or travel, he slipped in his shower and injured his hip, which required surgery and he was off-duty for 45 calendar days. 4/3/20176:00 PM  1D
22A worker was crouched on his knee, grinding a bevel on a pipe end. When he attempted to stand up he was off balance and when he planted his foot his knee gave out. He was given restrictions impacting his routine job functions for 40 calendar days. 4/6/20176:00 AM  2D
23An employee suffered a work-related hearing loss case due to acoustic trauma (an explosion). 4/9/20177:00 AM  2B
24A worker was testing the power to equipment in the penthouse with his voltage tester unaware he had exposed the conductor on one of his test leads. He had his hand resting on disconnect while test lead was in the same hand and was shocked. He was sent to the doctor as aprecaution. No injury or restrictions or prescriptions. 4/12/20178:00 AM  4B
25On 4/12/2017, an electrician was moving a scissor lift while standing alongside it. Worker ran over his right foot with the lift. Surgery to right ankle, recommended to be off-duty till 6/11/2017. However, the worker came to work the very next day on restrictions. 4/12/20179:00 AM  2B
26An employee was injured in 4/23/2017 and did not report to the employer. He had restrictions till 5/23/2017. The worker retired on 9/21/2017, only then the employer found out about the injury claim. 4/23/201710:00 AM  4E
27On 5/12/2017, a worker was working on a hot electrical panel and was electrocuted. 5/12/201711:00 AM  1E
28An employee sustained a work-related injury on 6/12/2017 requiring days away from work until 8/12/2017; however, he was terminated for drug use based on the results of a post-accident drug test on 6/14/2017. 6/12/201712:00 PM  2E
29On 6/12/2017, a worker was walking along a sidewalk near an excavator. The excavator turned around, and its boom struck the worker. He was rushed to the hospital with several injuries. He was off work till 9/23/2017. However, he retired from work on 8/23/2017, and his retirement was not due to the injury. 6/12/20171:00 PM  5C
30An employee tested positive for Hepatitis B exposure/infection from work and was providedprophylactic therapy. 7/12/20172:00 PM  3E
31An employee was eating a steak he bought at the company cafeteria and was injured by choking on the steak while in the cafeteria. He is given twocalendar days off work by the examining doctor. 7/18/20173:00 PM  2B
32On 8/12/2017, a mechanic was fatally injured when the machine he was working on was accidently started by his co-worker. 8/12/20174:00 PM  3E
33On 8/23/2017, a worker was breaking a bundle of scaffold decks and felt a pinch in his lower back when he started to lift the one deck, and it stuck to the stack. Restrictions till 10/21/2017. 8/23/20175:00 PM  3B
34On 9/23/2017, a worker was on theladder adjusting a light bulb, he lost balance and fell to the ground, resulting in abroken shoulder. He was off-duty till 2/13/2018. 9/23/20176:00 PM  2A
35On a company picnic the employer provided a company sponsored barbecue, ten employees got food poisoning and were treated overnight at the hospital. No time-off. 9/26/20177:00 PM  1A
36Several workers were exposed to a co-worker who had a known case of active Brucellosis. One of the workers subsequently develops a Brucellosis infection, as evidenced by a physician examination. No time-off. 9/29/20178:00 PM  2E
37Several workers were exposed to a co-worker who had a known case of active flu. One of the workers subsequently developed flu, as evidenced by a physician examination. No time-off. 10/2/20179:00 PM  4A
38Several workers were exposed to a co-worker who had a known case of active Hepatitis A (HA). One of the workers subsequently develops an HA infection, as evidenced by a physician examination. No time-off. 10/5/201710:00 PM  2A
39Several workers were exposed to a co-worker who had a known case of active tuberculosis (TB). One of the workers subsequently develops a TB infection, as evidenced by a positive skin test. No time-off. 10/8/201711:00 PM  2A
40A computer operator complained of numbness and tingling in his right arm. He was diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome and was treated for the injury. No lost time involved, just a minor surgery with restrictions until 12/27/2017. 11/1/201712:00 PM  3E
41A maintenance worker was cleaning skylight glass, when a small piece of plaster fell in her right eye. She used eye wash liquid to remove the particle from her eye, and went back to work. 11/4/20171:00 PM  1D
42A mechanic was bending over to pick up an extension cord and felt pain in his lower back. He was taken to the doctor and was released to work with no restrictions or prescription medications. 11/7/20172:00 PM  1E
43An office manager fell from a ladder and broke his wrist. He was taken off thesite for medical treatment. The doctor put him on restricted duty until 12/2/2018). 11/10/20173:15 PM  2C
44A pipe fell on a worker, and he was taken to the doctor just for “observation” and was taken x-rays to see if there was any fracture. No fractures. No restrictions or off-duty. 11/13/20174:15 PM  5C
45A plant manager and his co-worker got into a fight at work. The co-worker took a hammer and hit the manager on his right knee. X-rays revealed a hairline fracture on his knee cap. The doctor did not recommend any work restrictions or prescription medication. 12/6/20174:45 PM  2E
46A plant manager at a central utility facility stepped off a stairway onto a pallet and strained his right foot. He was taken offsite for medical treatment. The doctor recommended a work restriction (until 12/27/2017), not to stand for over 4 hours. However, his routinejob functions did not require him to standover 4 hours. 12/9/20176:00 AM  2C
47A safety professional received a laceration. He was takenoff thesite to the doctor. He received onestitch, no restrictions or prescriptions. 12/15/20174:30 PM  1D
48A worker complained of severe back pain. The doctor examined her and asked her to take over the counter medication. No fractures. No restrictions or off-duty. 12/18/20179:00 AM  2E
49A worker complained of severe knee pain due to working on his knees. He went to a physical therapist (PT) for treatment and received ten sessions of PT treatment. No restrictions or prescriptions. 12/21/201711:30 AM  5 
50A foundry workerfell off a stool. He was takenoffsite to the doctor. He receivedrestrictions for ten calendar days. 12/15/20174.30 PM  1D
51A operations manager had a sore back. She was taken offsite for medical treatment. A doctor recommends a job restriction(until 12/27/17) that affects her routine functions, but the employee did all of her routine job functions anyway. 12/12/20177:00 AM  2B
52A major leak from an onsite underground storage tanks contaminated the groundwater.01/24/20174:15 PM5B
53A hydraulic line of an equipment blew, and leaked into the ground contaminating the soil.04/24/20174:45 PM1B
54A 50-gallon diesel spilloccurred at the maintenance shop.05/23/20176:00 AM2B
55An underground chemical tank was ruptured by contractors excavating soil. The chemical release contaminated the soil and water.08/23/20174:30 PM5A
56A truck carrying the company’s hazardous waste spilled some waste due to a collision. Bodily injury was sustained by several members of the general public.08/02/20179:00 AM1A
57Another truck carrying the company hazardous waste spilled some waste due to a truck leak.10/03/201711.30 AM2B
58Disposal of known contaminated waste at a disposal site without proper permits.11/03/20174:30 PM1A
59Toxic emissions arose out of a fire following a collision.12/23/20177:00 AM1A
60A company driver rear-ended a vehicle that was at a complete stop at a traffic light. The driver didn’t see the stopped vehicle because he was looking down at some paperwork for his next service call.1/1/201712:00 PM1A
61A company driver and another vehicle had both stopped to merge into traffic. As the other vehicle started to go forward, the company driver assumed the other driver would continue to merge. Looking over his shoulder, the company driver started forward and struck the other vehicle.2/4/20171:00 PM2B
62A company driver changed lanes and struck another vehicle. The company driver failed to see the other vehicle in his blind spot before changing lanes.3/7/20172:00 PM1A
63A company driver ran a stop sign and struck another vehicle in the side. The driver had placed a clipboard on the passenger’s seat, and the clipboard started to slide off the seat as the driver was stopping. Focusing on stopping the clipboard from falling, the driver ran the stop sign and struck the other vehicle.11/13/20174:15 PM3B

SHM 485 – Safety and Health Management Capstone Corrective Action Plan Rubric

Student Name:_________________________________________WritingGrade = (PE/10)*100 =
Overall Assignment Grade = (PE/20)*100 =
PPPEExceededExpectations (5)Meets MostExpectations (4)MeetsExpectations (3)Did Not MeetExpectations (1)
Following Guidelines/ Style and Mechanics5Followed assignment guidelines, and attempted to improve the assignment. There were no errors in grammar, sentence structure and spelling.Followed assignment guidelines. There were minor errors in grammar, sentence structure or spelling.Attempted to follow guidelines. There were multiple errors in grammar, sentence structure or spelling.Did not follow assignment guidelines. There were substantial errors in grammar, sentence structure or spelling.
Effective recommendation in written communications5Student recommendation was organized in an excellent fashion; points were logically ordered and had a sharp sense of beginning and end. Recommendation details were specific based on the data provided for analysis.Student recommendationwas organized; points were somewhat jumpy and had a sense of beginning and end. Some of the recommendation details were not specific to the data provided for analysis.Student recommendation showed some organization; points jump around; beginning and ending were unclear. Most of the recommendation details were not specific to the data provided for analysis.Student recommendationwas poorly organized; there was no logical progression; beginning and ending were vague. All of the recommendation details were not specific to the data provided for analysis.
Injury Classification & OSHA Logs5Student demonstrates excellent understanding of the OSHA injury classification. Submitted a professional OSHA log with no misclassifications.Student demonstrates Some understanding of the OSHA injury classification. Submitted a professional OSHA log with 1 to 5 misclassifications.Student demonstrates extremely limited understanding of the OSHA injury classification. Submitted a professional OSHA log, with 6 to 10 misclassifications.Student demonstrates no understanding of the OSHA injury classification Submitted a professional OSHA log with more than 10 misclassifications.
Accident Trends5Student displays an excellent understanding of the syntax of the functions for all formula used. Graph fits the data well and makes it easy to interpret.Student used displays a good understanding of the syntax of the functions for most formula used. Graph is adequate and does not distort the data, but interpretation of the data is somewhat difficult.Studentused displays enough understanding of the syntax of the functions for some or very few formula used. Graph distorts the data somewhatand interpretation of the data is somewhat difficult.Studentused displays poor understanding of the syntax of the functions for the formula used. Graph seriously distorts the data making interpretation almost impossible.

Injury Distribution by AreaBuilding 1 Building 2 Building 3 Building 4 Building 5 8 1 1 5 0 FA Rate J F M A M J J A S O N D 10.71428571428571 15.687966349312177 14.39111735956207 13.619485900248023 14.078520239226552 14.25614732709967 13.62856205893501 15.008376296500609 16.053511705685626 18.480050101469153 17.789248660529825 17.48668403113188 REC Rate J F M A M J J A S O N D 3.5714285714285707 3.9219915873280451 3.3210270829758621 2.8672601895258971 2.7074077383127997 3.054888712949928 2.5553553860503149 2.8394225425811972 2.8539576365663337 3.0800083502448592 3.0151268916152341 2.8204329082470871 REC IND J F M A M J J A S O N D 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.4 6.4 FA GOAL J F M A M J J A S O N D 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 REC GOAL J F M A M J J A S O N D 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6


Injury Rates

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