Computer Science homework help

Research Project Instructions:

(a)  Use the same project from the MS Project assignment.

(b)  What is the start and end date?

(c)  Describe the project and explain the business case for the organization.

(d)  What is the unique product, service, or result that is delivered from the project?

(e)  What is the scope of the project?

(f)   What are the benefits of the project?

(g)  What are the challenges to launching this project?

(h)  Discuss why the leadership team should support this project? How does the leadership “champion” the project? What are the actions taken?

(i)   What are the risk factors associated with the project?

(j)   What is the return on investment for this project? You will need to know how much the project costs, and the value that is gained from it.

(k)  What are the lessons learned from this project?

(l)   What are your recommendations based on your work on the project?

(m) What is your conclusion?

(n)  Provide at least 10 reputable sources.

(o)   The document is written in APA Style.

(p)  There is no page- or word-count. Just make sure the requirements are met.

(q)  Make sure to list all participating team members and their student IDs on the cover page.

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