Description of future leadership development goals & state

Purpose of this paper is to articulate your development as a leader from a Christian worldview. Paper must be 2,500-2,700 words and be APA formatted with a minimum of 5 Scholarly articles.

Include the following content in this paper:

-Characteristics of communication

-Assessment of current leadership conditions or status

-Description of future leadership development goals & state

-Explain how each weekly topic will help you meet your leadership development goals, the use of headings for each weekly topic is recommended

WK1: Understanding graduate school

-Graduate VS Undergraduate

-Student responsibilites

WK2: Professional and Academic communication



WK3: Time mangement



-Time management strategies

WK4: Research Methods



WK5: Critical thinking

-Importance of critical thinking

-deductive vs deductive reasoning

WK6: Leadership

-Transformational leadership

-Transactional leadership

-Situational leadership

WK7: Team Building

-team vs groups

WK8: Portfolios

-Benefits of professional portfolio

Paradigm/theological support for biblical leadership in contrast to secular perspective of leadership(500-750 words)

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