EML 3100 – Homework 3 Due 9/17/16

Reference the Appendix/Table you use for any of the problems. Problem 1 Water at 120°C with a quality of 0.25 has its temperature raised 65°C in a constant volume process. What is the new quality and pressure? Show the process in a P-v diagram. Problem 2 Fill in missing values in the table:

P [kPa] T [°C] v [m3/kg] x a) 5000 20 b) 500 0.20 c) 1400 273 d) 300 0.8

Indicate the states a) to d) on a P-T, P-v, and T-v diagram. Make the diagrams quantitative. Problem 3 Determine the phase of water at 100°C, 500 kPa. Show the state on the P-T phase diagram. Problem 4 What is the saturation pressure, vf, and vg for saturated water at a temperature of 283 °C? Problem 5 Determine the specific volume for R134a at a temperature of 45 °C, for a) a quality x=0.6 b) a pressure of 1MPa Problem 6 Given water at 1500 kPa with quality of 40% a) Find the phase(s) b) Determine the temperature c) Determine the specific volume d) the water is heated to 300°C in a constant pressure process. What are the phase and the new specific volume? e) Draw a T-v diagram and indicate where the thermodynamic states are located. Problem 7 Given 20 kg of ideal gas air at 147°C and a pressure of 3.2 atm a) Determine the volume of the air b) Determine the specific volume

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