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Disaster Recovery Plan

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The need for coming up with a better disaster recovery plan will is a way of getting ready for any disaster. The disaster recovery can mean that lack of the company’s back up plan which will result in erasing data from the company (Phillips, 2015).  The disaster recovery plan is a means whereby the company will get store its essential information and secure its employees. A lot of companies today have devised means that help in creating secure data (Snedaker, 2007). Companies need to secure their data so that they can prevent any malicious activity that may take place. Having a backup on how to protect will help the organization secure necessary information.

Data is an essential aspect that can be manipulated by people. A company needs to protect its data because if someone else accesses it, it means that they will destroy every information of the organization. The report below comprises of the le pic company which deals with information technology.

Le Pic Company

Le Pic Company was an organization formed a few years ago. The company deals with information technology across the world. The company deals with the supply of electronic gadgets such as televisions, radios, sound systems. Refrigerators and many more. It is a global company because it makes deliveries across the world. The company has over one hundred and twenty branches across the globe. The headquarters of the company is located in Los Angeles. The company has a role in ensuring that its employees and clients are safe. Safety of the people and data is the most crucial aspect to consider. It is therefore essential to come up with a disaster recovery plan that will help maintain the organization’s business continuity. The disaster recovery will help protect the business and the employees at large. A disaster recovery plan once implemented will secure the company’s safety.

Minimizing potential economic loss

Implementing the disaster recovery plan will help reduce any form of financial loss that the company may incur. In this case, le Pic Company can be affected by various forms of disasters. Some of the disasters that the company may experience include robbery and earthquakes. Some of the factors can lead to a worse crisis where the company will lose all its information. The company, therefore, needs to come up with a better plan to help in preventing any form of disaster recovery. Having a better recovery plan will help the organization implement some of the policies and procedures. Once the policies and procedures are implemented, the company will be in a position of enhancing a better disaster recovery plan. Le Pic Company is a multinational company which needs to have secure data that is well protected. Most of its business is carried online. The potential customers of the company purchase the products online. The company, therefore, need to have a better back up plan and a strong, secure system for their data. The company needs to have a system that will protect key information from intruders.

Reducing disruptions to operations

A disaster is something that destroys accompany completely. For example, if an earthquake strikes on the building where the primary data is stored, everything will be lost in the process. The company will collapse leading to closure. The whole operations of the organization will be interrupted as the organization will not have anything to work on. To prevent this from happening, disaster recovery will help protect the company’s data. The recovery plan will come up with better ways by implementing an alternative back up system. The data will be stored in a different location far from the main servers. The normal operations for the organization will not be interrupted in case a disaster strikes.

Providing an orderly recovery

The disaster recovery plan will come up with a way of protecting data and ensure that data is recovered appropriately. The recovery plan will also ensure that key information is stored properly that it cannot be lost. The company needs to address different measures that will help during the process of disaster recovery. The key aspect is to ensure that every data and person in the organization is safe from any kind of danger. The plan will also aid and results in coming with a better plan that will be formulated and implemented for future reference. The company needs to come up with ways that will be helpful in the safe recovery plan.

Confidentiality of the statement

The report is the property of Le Pic Company and should be shared among the members of the organization. The information should not be shared by any other person the company. The company shall not allow any member to access this information because it is essential information that needs to be protected with great care.

Documentation distribution

Once all members of the department approve the report, the report will be shared among the members of the organization. Every member should have a copy of the report so that they will go through and get familiar with the information provided in the report. The executive will also keep a copy of the manual for future references.

Plans and objectives

This report plans to come up with a central place where data is stored. Important information should be stored in a central place away from the premises.

The second objective is to create an environment that is safe for employees and customers to conduct their daily business.

The other thing is to come up with a better room and win the hearts of the while conducting the business. People need to be always assured of their safety (Wallace & Webber, 2017).  No person can trade in a place that is not secure, or their systems have been manipulated.

The report will also ensure that the company has an alternative means where they can store their information. Having a central place can be manipulated with time; hence the company needs to have an alternative place where they will store their data.

Recovery strategy

The company needs to have an alternative facility where it will store its data. It is not a good idea that a multinational company to rely on one facility where they store their data. Everyone in the world wants to hack the data and put it into use or steals billions of dollars. It is, therefore, a good idea for the company to have a different secure place where they store their data. The facility should also be known by a few individuals most probably the top management of the organization. It will help the organization store information in different places. In case of a disaster, the company will have back up information. All will not be lost, and the company will continue with its daily operations. The disaster will not affect the business in any way.

The company should have a backup plan. What if they lose all the data and property? The company will have a big loss. The management of the company should consider ensuring the company. Insuring the company means that the company will be on the safe hands. In case the company loses important data and property, the insurance will compensate the firm. In case the organizing is strike by fire or natural disasters like earthquake or hurricane, the insurance will step and compensate the firm. The normal operations of the organization will not be altered. Continuity of the business will be normal as the company will serve its customers as they used to. Therefore the company should decide to have insurance which will protect the organization in case of a disaster.

The firm can also have an alternative place meant for emergency cases. Every company needs to have a backup plan that will help them in case of a crisis. The backup plan will help the organization shift immediately in case of a disaster. The house should be far from the location where the initial business is located. Once a disaster strikes the company will be able to move immediately. The company will be able to catch up from where they left during the time of the disaster. The organization will have a complete set up of their initial business. The continuity of the business will go on schedule, and nothing will be altered.

Declaration of the disaster

The disaster recovery plan is important for the le pic organization. The organization will be able to continue its business without any effect. The plan is aimed at creating awareness of various forms of disaster that may affect an organization. The plan will generate new ideas on how the organization should respond in case of a crisis. The plan is also meant to help the whole process run without any difficulties. The entire process will help the organization store its information and also have a backup plan where they can store their information.

Security assessment

The company needs to have long-lasting and robust security measures that will help the organization during a crisis. One of the security measures is to have fire extinguishers in the building. Every building should have a fire extinguisher in every corner of the office. They will help a lot in case a fire breaks out. The company should also have fire exit doors. Fire exit doors should be placed at a strategic place where everyone can access them. During fire incidents, the fire exit doors will be used to vacate the people.

Le Pic Company should also look for alternative means on how to store their data. They should implement secure and robust security systems that will help protect data. They should have strong security systems that no one can hack. Having a strong security system will enhance a better and advanced way to store data. The company can come up with vaults that can be used in storing important documents for the organization. The company can also have access codes for vaults and safes. The access should only be known by key management only. Top members of the organization should only access important information. Having secure access codes will help the organization store important information in a safe place where no one can access it.

The other thing to consider is coming with alternative means of alerting people in the building in case of a crisis. The company should come up with electric bells that sense any danger. They should also install fire alarms in the building. In case of fire, the fire alarms will alert the people hence will run for their safety.

Disaster recovery procedure

The first plan is to ensure that the recovery mode for the operation is at the bar. The whole operations need to have a concrete plan that will safeguard its data. The plan requires that every member of the organization to be allocated with different roles. During a disaster, everyone should take part in the disaster recovery. The top management of the organization should be responsible for the whole process. They are the ones who know where the data has been stored and the number of employees in the organization. The organization will also identify some of the strategies that they will use during the recovery process (Sahi, Lai & Li, 2016). The management should be aware of the risks that can be impacted by the disaster. Through this, they will be able to come up with a different plan that will enhance the safety of the employees.

The other thing is to be to set up a committee that will oversee the whole process. The committee will organize on how the employees should conduct themselves in case of the disaster. The committee headed by the company’s manager will foresee that programs for the organization during the disaster are followed. They will arrange and allocate the employees with different roles during the disaster recovery. They will also assist the organization in ensuring that all members of the organization follow all programs set in place. The committee will come up with different laws and policies that will guide the entire program.

Incidence response team

The disaster recovery plan will also have an incident response team. The response will be alert at all times. They will ensure that they are at the place of the disaster in case a crisis arises. The team will be at all times be prepared to save the situation. The response team will comprise of several people who will oversee the whole process. The team will have the fire control team, security people, the supplies team and the first aid. They will ensure that the people are well attended to during a disaster.

Mission statement

The plan will help the organization provide a better response in case of a disaster. The team will help protect the company’s resources that may be destroyed in the event of a disaster. The tea will also be offered a conducive environment where the business will continue normally without any interruptions.

Roles and responsibilities

The plan also highlights some of the roles of the management. Every person in the organization has a specific role that they should conduct. The manager is the top official and is the lead leader in the organization. The manager oversees every activity taking place in the organization. They are responsible for ensuring that that every activity is done and everyone is up to date with their roles and responsibilities. The other important person in the organization is the business resource planner. He ensures that the operations of the organization are done and everything is up to date. He also ensures that no one interrupts the business of the company. The other important person is the logistic person who ensures that all information is analyzed and the company is safe from an intruder

Methods of communication

The plan also highlights different ways of how communication should be passed from one person to the other. The plan identifies the public advisory committee as the person in charge of channeling important information of the organization. The team should also have a place where they will gather and outsource information to the public (Rubin, 2009). They should ensure that the information they are passing to the third party is true. They should ensure that the information channeled is true so that they can avoid causing tension to the public. They should also know how they can update the public at large like the media. They provide legit information which is true and real. The team will determine how they will deliver the information to the people.

Reporting procedures

The plan identifies the team manager as the person in charge of the whole operation. The manager is the person who is in charge of ensuring that they have enough information which will be in return shared to the people. Other people in charge of the responsive team will report directly to the team manager. Together they will help each other in the disaster recovery plan.


The plan is set to help in the disaster recovery of le pic organization. The company will be in a position of protecting its key information. The plan will be used to protect the people and important data for the organization. The team should come up with a better way of conducting the disaster recovery process.


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