develop a dashboard that showcases business analytics findings and recommendations for each of the cases below. Your dashboards should focus on representative business questions and strategy within the context provided in the case. In doing so, you should evaluate the data and all the variables you have been provided to determine business decisions you will focus on, and include the analysis of a minimum of three features in your dashboards.

All visualizations in the dashboard must comply with the rules and theory covered in class. (see section below of helpful tips on dashboards)

Case 1: Your team is part of a multinational corporation (MNC) in the food and beverage industry. The company is interested in business insights for operational decisions it needs to make at its establishments in Mexico that align with customer preferences and convenience such as business days and hours, payment types, whether to provide Internet access, parking, smoking areas, accessible design for disabled customers, etc.

Your dashboard should provide insights and recommendations on decisions of your choosing. You can make assumptions in terms of specific types of establishments the


business may want to focus on and narrow your analysis accordingly.

Case 2: Your team is part of a large restaurant group with headquarters in the U.S. The group manages daily operations in 100 multi-cuisine restaurants domestically and in Mexico. The restaurants range from fine-dining concepts like L20 and Tru, to fast-casual chains like M Burger, Krispy Kreme and Big Bowl. Given the importance of customer satisfaction and favorable customer reviews in the food industry, the business would like to understand common attributes among restaurants that receive good reviews, and in essence, determine factors that contribute to good customer ratings so they can determine strategies to improve their own restaurants. You are encouraged to consider descriptive and predictive analytics for this case. Again, you will be creating a dashboard to showcase your analysis, findings, and recommendations.

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