Out of Assignment 2 attached, Answer this question:

Did you know that every month has assigned birthstone like horoscope? Did you know that some months have more than one birthstone? Do you know your birthstone? Many people do, but they don’t know much more about their birthstone than its color. This week we are learning about minerals. So, I want you to know your birthstone and learn its physical properties.

The following websites will aid you in this task:


Use these websites (or others) to research the major properties of your birthstone, including:

Color, Luster, Streak, Hardness, Crystal structure and mineral habit, Density/specific gravity, Cleavage/fracture tendencies, Mineral family, Chemical composition, other distinguishing characteristics, picture.

If your month has multiple birthstones, choose one.

GEO 208

Assignment 2

100 point (5 %)

Environmental Problems

Love Canal: Case study in soil contamination

Date: May 27, 2019

After Watching the Love canal environmental pollution cases study on the website (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrWtd1P-NoU). Answer the following questions.

1. What is the “Love Canal”?

2. What was the purpose of building the love canal?

3. Why did the Love canal project stop?

4. What do people/industries use the love canal for after the project stopped?

5. By 1953, the canal was filled with over 20 tons of chemicals. What were those chemicals?

6. How much did the chemical company sold the west disposal land to the school?

7. What were some of the health problems that the residents in the area suffered from?

8. What Happened in the spring of 1980?

9. How long did it take to evacuate all the residents front love canal area, which?

10. What measures (remediation) were taken to solve the environmental problem in love canal?

11. Out of the over 40 chemicals, what are some of chemicals that leached out of the Love canal disposal site?

12. What are the new concerns after 35 years of the initial incidence in the love canal area?

13. Write half a page to a page summary of the Love canal story, evaluate who/which body is responsible at different times such as- A) The waste disposal site was closed by simply covering with clay and soil. B) Even if the deed had a warning about the chemical the school bought the land for a $1. C)The residents in the area were not notified about the chemicals when they bought their houses D) If you were there then what would you do? Would you live in the Love canal area today? Why or why not?

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