Environment as discipline . 

6-8 pages or 1800-2000 words

a. Pick an everyday environment, building, or space in the SF/Bay Area that is emblematic orsymbolic of your design discipline. You are encouraged to think of unexpected or unusual spaces. Any public or private space inside or outside is Fine. For example: it can be public art, infrastructure, a park, sculpture, a room in a building etc. This is an exercise in connecting unrelated spaces and environments to a design discipline.

This environment must relate to some speciFic action, process, or concept in design. Explain why you chose this environment. What are the qualities of this environment that makes it meaningful to your chosen design discipline? Include photos of the space/environment with clear captions. If you use external resources (websites, journals, books etc.), include a brief bibliography in either MLA or Chicago format. Also consider these questions:

1. How did you discover this space/environment/building? Is it part of your daily routine?
2. Where is it? Does it have a clear function? What is its history?
3. Does it serve a particular community, set of users, consumers or participants?
4. Who is the architect, artist, or designer that designed the space? Is it anonymously authored?

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