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The purpose of the experiential activities is to introduce you to speci?c tools and ideas that you can use along with the theoretical knowledge gained in the course. Each activity will require you to complete an experience. After completing the experience, you will be asked to write and submit a report discussing your ?ndings and to ponder the possible applications of the tools encountered. There is no minimum or maximum page requirement for an experiential assignment. Your goal is to complete each experience and then write about it, according to the directions from each activity. For this activity, you will be using Dropbox and Google Drive to archive all your school homework. Your task is to collect all your school homework (from this and other courses) from your computer, save it in one folder and then use BOTH Dropbox and Google Drive to save your material in the cloud. Prepare a report in which you describe your experience. In the second half of your report, make a comparison between the two services. This second half of the report should contain two sections: Product Strategy and Pricing Strategy. In the Product Strategy section, compare the features and bene?ts of Dropbox and Google Drive. Write 2-5 paragraphs about the differences between the two services. In the Pricing Strategy section, compare the pricing strategy used by the two companies. How are they different? Which one makes more sense? Steps 1. Visit dropbox.com and drive.google.com. Spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with each site and its purpose. Dropbox and Google Drive are competing cloud services. They each allow you to store information on remote servers owned by the company. 2. Create a Dropbox account and install Dropbox on your computer. Create a Google Drive account. You may also choose to install Google Drive on your computer. (If you already have a Google account, because you use Gmail, for instance, you already have access to the service through your account.) 3. Copy your homework folder into the cloud using both Dropbox and Google Drive. If you get stuck at any point, try to ?nd out the next step from the company’s website. You will not lose points on the assignment if something doesn’t work as expected. Your task is not to prove that the service works as advertised, but rather to experience the each service and write about it. Have fun with this assignment! 4. Write your two-part report. The ?rst part should describe your experience with both services, and the second part should include the two sections, Product Strategy and Pricing Strategy, described above. 5. Complete all the steps without spending any money. Both Dropbox and Google Drive are free, unless you wish to upgrade to a paid tier, which is not necessary for our assignment. 6. Submit your report in the course.

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