hey course hero, my statistics class is very challenging. can you please tutor me on the material

E1 MAT141_Quiz15-12.4&12.5.pdf-AdobeReader — 5’File Edit View Mudaw Help a @
[email protected]@fiéll©u Wlwl®®1ooaevldl|®®|fl Tools SignECommem: A 1. [2 pts.] Assume that the mean weight of leyeareold girls in the U.S.A. is normally distributed, with amean of 9.5 kilograms and a standard deviation of 1.1 kilograms. Using the 68—95—99} Rule, find thepercentage of 1—year—old girls who are less than 6.2 kg. Draw a normal distribution curve and shadethe proper region. Round answers to the nearest tenth of a percent. 2. [1 pt. each] The grades on a statistic midterm for a high school are normally distributed, with p: :31 and 0′ = 6.3. Calculate the z—scores for each of the following exam grades: 65 and 93. Round 2—scores to two decimal places. 3. [6 pts.] A group of diners were asked how much they would pay for a meal. Their responses were:$7.50, $8.25, $9.00, $8.00, $7.25, $7.50, 58.00, $7.00. By hand, find the 5—number summary andcreate a box plot for this data [rou nd answers to two decimal places]. 4. [2 pts. each] Calculate the following percentages using your graphing calculator. Sketch a standardnormal distribution curve for each example, then shade the proper region. Round all percentages toa tenth of decimal.a. z 2 70.79b. —1.56 S 2 S 0.32 5. [3 pts. each] Not everyone pays the same prioe forthe same model of a car. The prices paid for aparticular model of a new car is normally distributed with a mean of $17,000 and a standarddeviation of 5500. Using your graphing calculator, find the percentages of people purchasing a carthat meets the following criteria. Draw a normal distribution curve for each example and shade theproper region. Round answers to the nearest tenth of a percent. a. Between $16,670 and $17,915b. Less than $16,755

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