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In any business environment, ethics plays an essential role in ensuring the highest efficiency in all operations. As such, the service provider tries to develop acceptable procedures with a major aim of addressing the customer’s needs. The car wash business aims at recognizing and employing the relevant Codes of Ethics in its efforts to achieve operational goals and objectives (Gillikin, 2014).

Company Description

Genesis Car Wash Company is well-equipped with proper technological equipment.  Its main goal is to increase revenue by gaining competitive advantage that will enable it to increase its market share (Tugend, 2014). Also, the company is located in a highly competitive area; hence there is a need for being ethical and good performing to attract more customers.

Mission Statement

It refers to being a car wash company that will offer exemplary services that entail high-quality washing, as well as the detailing of different types of automobiles. Also, the company maintains a recommendable customer service for efficiency in operations.

Vision Statement

It refers to enhancing customer satisfaction by employing ethical behavior understanding, and fairness, between the staffs, management, customers, and suppliers.

Code of Ethics

The car wash business’s operations arebased on three main Codes of Ethics. The consequentialism ethics is employed since morally right acts end up bringing forth positive results (Kokemuller, 2015). Also, the deontological ethics is essential since actions are judged based on how one observed the stated rules. Lastly, the car wash encourages the Pinkerton Code of Ethics since it promotes customer support and consideration in decision-making, and it also stands against bribery (Barman & White, 2014).


In conclusion, Genesis Car wash business will utilize all necessary Codes of Ethics to offer satisfactory services that will maximize client satisfaction. The Pinkerton, deontological, and consequentialism Codes of Ethics will be used in all operations to accomplish the mission and vision statements which revolve around customer satisfaction and business growth.

















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