y 40 35 30 26 16

Q. Would you say the correlation is low, moderate, or strong? positive or negative?

1. moderate and positive

2.low and negative    

3.moderate and negative

4.low and positive

5.strong and positive

which numbers are correct?

Q. Use a calculator to verify that Σx = 130,Σx2 = ,Σy = 147,Σy2 = , and Σxy = 2805. Compute r. (Round your answer to three decimal places.)

r = ?

Q. As x increases, does the value of r imply that y should tend to increase or decrease? Explain.

which one is correct?

1. Given our value of r, y should tend to remain constant as x increases.

2.Given our value of r, y should tend to decrease as x increases.    

3.Given our value of r, y should tend to increase as x increases.

4.Given our value of r, we cannot draw any conclusions for the behavior of y as x increases.

strong and negative

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