In 1912, Alfred Wegener, a German meteorologist and geophysicist, outlined his hypothesis for “continental drift.” This hypothesis challenged a long-held assumption that the continents and ocean basins had fixed geographic positions (i.e., they didn’t move). Explain the continental drift hypothesis. Describe two lines of evidence Wegener used to support his continental drift hypothesis. What was the main flaw with Wegener’s continental drift hypothesis? Your essay must be in your own words.

Instructions :

Use standard essay format (topic sentence, supporting information, conclusion).

It should be about 140-200 words – roughly one page (front only) hand written.  

will be graded on content, grammar, punctuation, and flow. Read your draft out loud to yourself – does it make sense? It should sound like a written document, not like a conversation.

We will spot check for cheating – we are really good at spotting material that has simply been copied from the web. If we catch you turning in plagiarized material we will report it to the Dean of students office as cheating and you will receive a 0 on the writing.

Feel free to draft your answer outside of class and bring it with you to class on writing day. You will not be allowed to turn in your draft, but can “transfer” it to the paper we hand out.

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