Due Date: 14th Oct 2018(by 11.59 pm)


Exploring the Human, Economic and Social aspects of MIGRATION!

1. Why Migration was important in Palestine for Muna and Fadi? Give atleast 4 (

economic, social, or political )reasons and discuss ( at least 100 words)

2. What are hurdles which an immigrant faces when he/she comes to a new country? List at least 5 and briefly discuss which you observed in the movie.( answer in at least 50 words) and no bullets.

3. Did you ever migrate or you know who migrated from a different country? What are the resemblances from Amreeka in terms of social/economic/political issues? OR what 5 lessons you have learnt from AMREEKA! Discuss.


4. It seems Muna and Fadi got the Permanent Residency/Green Card via got via The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV Program)

What is the Diversity Immigrant Visa program and how does one get the green card via this program? (Answer via the above link and answer it in at least 100-150 words)

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