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4. Florida has over 7,700 lakesz. We wish to estimate the correlation between the pH levels of all Florida lakes and the mercury levels of fish in the lakes. The correlation between these twovariables for a sample of n=53 lakes is -0.575. 3. Give notation for the parameter of interest, and define the parameter in this context. b. Give notation for the quantity that gives the best estimate for this parameter, and giveits value. 5. To further investigate our class’ claim that a mere 10 seconds of exercise can increase heartrates, we manage to randomly sample students attending a career fair on campus. Each ofthe 246 students that participate was then randomlv assigned to either sit or exercise for 10 seconds before measuring their pulse. For Iverage pulse was 70.3betas/minute and for the exercise group tl’ -2.6 beats per minute. 4a. Give notation for the parameter of ~ 3) 1e parameter in this context.II Ib. Give notation for the quantity that :e for this parameter, and give its value. —

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