For each scenario, which statistical procedure is most appropriate (one sample mean, one sample proportion, two independent proportions, two independent means, two paired/ dependent means, one-way ANOVA, chi-square test of Independence)?     explain why

A. A group of psychology students want to compare the anxiety levels of test takers who are given a dog, cat, or teddy bear to pet.  They take a sample of 12 introductory psychology students.  Participants are randomly assigned to one of the three treatment conditions.  After the testing sessions the experimenters administer an anxiety survey to each participant.  Scores on the anxiety scale are quantitative.

B. The marketing team for a nation-wide travel agency wants to know if adults with high school, associates, bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees differ in terms of the amount of money they spend on travel annually.

C.   An educational researcher wants to compare the effectiveness of three different instructional methods.  Students are randomly assigned to receive one of the three instructional methods.  After four weeks of instruction their knowledge is measured using an exam worth up to 100 points.

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